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Day 1 at Foundation

The hardest part of starting a new gym is always that first day. We get it, starting at a new gym is stressful. We know all about that. Some of our own staff had anxiety going into yoga for the first time but once we got in there we were made to feel at home and found that the people were amazingly nice (Shout out to Vidya Yoga & Fitness). With that, we aim to provide the same level of comfort as you step into Foundation for the first time. When you call or email us, we will likely schedule for you to come in for a facility tour & talk about what you are looking for. What you are going to read below is details about your first day working out at Foundation.

What do I wear?

You can wear your favorite shoes to workout in, t shirt, shorts, and/or leggings.

How long will I be there?

Day 1 is typically 45 minutes or less but we always tell people to expect to be here for 1 hour.

What to expect?

When you first at arrive at Foundation you will be greeted by our front desk staff. You can let them know your name and they will get you linked up with the trainer you are working with.

Day 1 at Foundation consists of a consultation and movement assessment. The consultation is a time for your trainer to get to know you and you to get to know your trainer. They will ask you a series of questions ranging from your work life to your fitness goals. If you have any pre-existing injuries, no matter how small, this is a great time to let the trainer know. If you had an ankle that you sprained a lot as a kid, go ahead and let your trainer know, a lot of times those small injuries can still impact you 10-20 years later.

After you finish your consultation, your trainer will take you to the training floor & go through our movement assessment. The movement assessment will allow the trainer to learn what ranges of motion you have with-out pain. We will be able to look at those problem areas you told us about in the consultation & possibly find out why they are problem areas. In our thorough movement assessment we will look at your ankles, knees, hips, back, shoulders, & wrists. Depending on your goals we may also have you complete a 10:00 conditioning workout to see how you respond to work from a conditioning stand point.

When you finish your movement assessment, your trainer will sit down with you and go through everything they learned. The trainer will also go over the pricing packets and help you pick a plan that works well for you.

We highly recommend starting off with 10 Personal Training sessions, even if you plan to join our social fitness classes. Personal training sessions help you learn movements in a one-on-one setting while receiving education from a trainer tailored to your goals and needs.

Ready to sign up for a free Day 1 at Foundation Fitness?

Click below & we will reach out to you asap.

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