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What is Foundation Fitness?

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

If it’s not [insert any fitness program] then what is it?

We get it. The fitness market is crowded, & in that crowd, there are some big names established. We get the following question a lot: "Is it kinda like [insert fitness program]?" We love to answer this question. It allows us to help others understand what we do... so much so that we wrote this blog for you to read!

Foundation's Workout Program

We have created a proprietary Strength-Driven workout program that can only be found at a Foundation Fitness location. Every workout will have a strength and cardio piece that equal 36 minutes of movement. Each day the workout is designed around a strength block that is 16-26 minutes. Nothing more, nothing less. That leaves us 10-20 minutes of cardio.

Our daily workouts are written in 4 blocks: PREP, LIFT, MOVE, & FLOW.

PREP – this 8 minute segment is designed to prepare you for the workout that day.

LIFT – this is our dedicated strength segment, featuring a mixture of bodyweight & weighted strength movements.

MOVE – this is our cardio segment, from short high intensity to long feel good cardio.

FLOW – this is our cool down segment, a Yoga inspired, deep stretch after each class.

We design our program calendar 1 year in advance & we write the workouts 3 months in advance. We are very intentional about what goes into each day. There is nothing random about what we do. Variety is good but too much variety is counterintuitive. Structure & Consistency are King. Repeated strength segments with linear progressions are what we do well.

Inside of each week we have 3 days: BUILD, POWER, & GRIND. So, each day you come in you will have one of these days.

BUILD Day – this is a barbell strength day for LIFT. It’s a perfect mix of absolute strength movements & speed strength movements. This day is for slow & intentional strength movement. The MOVE segment is short high-intensity cardio performed at 90% effort.

POWER Day – this is a KB/DB strength day for LIFT. It’s a mix of unilateral strength, power output, & athletic movements. This day looks like sports practice. The MOVE segment is mid-distance cardio performed at 75%-85% effort.

GRIND Day – this is a bodyweight strength day for LIFT. It’s a mix of static strength & unilateral stability. This day is designed for structure, health, & longevity. The MOVE segment is long slow cardio performed at 70% effort.

This might lead to another question- How do we perceive effort?

90% Effort – A pace that is not sustainable for longer than 10-12 minutes. This pace feels very intense.

75-85% Effort – A pace that is not sustainable for longer than 14-16 minutes. This pace is hard to sustain but do-able.

70% Effort – A pace that is sustainable for 18-20 minutes. This is a pace that feels good to workout for a long time.

Limited Spots

We limit our classes to 20 people per class. This is important for your experience. We like to keep a personal touch while providing detailed feedback within our group classes. Our coaches are instructors, not just time keepers. Limiting our classes to 20 people at a time guarantees a high quality experience for all attendees. Book on our app early to reserve your spot.


Our classes run on a tight timing schedule. We want to ensure you get a proper warm up, long strength session, some cardio, & a proper cool down all in 60 minutes. It's important that you arrive on time for class. Our brief is 3 minutes, so if you are 3 minutes late you have already missed one of the most important parts of the class.

Professional Trainers

We hire character first. Our trainers will become your best friends. They will help you solve problems inside and out of the gym and will challenge you daily.

They are very knowledgeable. They are held to a very high standard and they uphold that standard. Our trainers are reviewed quarterly on their performance on the floor. They are tested every year on the exercise methodology, our core values, & the processes we use ever year. If they fail the review or test, they don't coach. I repeat, they are held to a very high standard. We will put our trainers against anyone in the industry.

Curated Playlists

We put a lot into our music selection and we are proud of that. We have all been to gyms where the same set of songs are playing every day, or that slow Katy Perry song comes on right after a heavy Eminem song. We said ‘F*ck that’. Every day, each class has a curated playlist. The music is timed up with where you are in class. Maybe, some Billie Eilish in the PREP, a little DMX or Run the Jewels for the LIFT, and Fisher or Skrillex for MOVE. So, when Jump by Kriss Kross comes on while you are doing plate hops or jump ropes, just know your trainer thought that’d be cute.

The Green Towel

Shhhhhh.. it’s our secret. We will save this one as a surprise for when you come in. Just know that if you see someone in a picture on the gram with a green towel, they earned it and are enjoying that reward. You will often hear people joke, ‘I just come here for the green towel’..... IYKYK

Who are we?

We are.. The place to come when you are sick of beating yourself up in an extreme barbell, high intensity setting that emphasizes speed over everything. At some point everyone has to stop. Everyone.

We are.. The place to come when you are needing to add more to your cardio heavy routine that emphasizes cardio over strength. At some point everyone plateaus. Everyone.

We are.. The only Strength-Driven Social-Fitness gym in the Tri-Cities. Where moving slow and moving well is celebrated. Where all workouts are designed around strength first. There is barbell, but not too much. There is cardio but not too much.


Let us be clear, we are not for everyone. Not everyone is going to like what we do. We do not try to appeal to everyone. We have a very specific crowd we appeal to. We will write more about that in the future. We have created a space for the High Achievers who know that everything in life is earned. Our space is created for them to come unwind, get a hell of a workout in, hang out with other high achievers, and then go do some boss shit. We invite you to come meet them.

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